Ergonomics Consulting

We make workplaces safer, healthier and more productive through strategic ergo initiatives.

Synergo is a pioneer and leader in ergonomics consulting in Singapore, and the Asia Pacific.

We help clients improve the way their employees work and feel in offices, factories, warehouses, plants, retail stores or laboratories. We are proactive, highly practical and fun to work with.

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What is Ergonomics ?

Ergonomics is the science of designing for people. It aligns the design of products, environments and processes with abilities of human body and mind.

Good ergonomics will make a product easier to use, a manufacturing process safer, computer work less strenuous.

Ergonomics principles can be applied to improve the work posture, minimise harmful effects of repetitive tasks and enhance productivity.

Benefits for Companies

  • Higher employee morale
  • More goodwill among employees
  • Increased worker productivity
  • Reduced errors and accidents
  • Reduced costs relating to workers’ compensation claims and lawsuits
  • Reduced sick leave and absenteeism
  • Higher employee retention
  • Greater goodwill among society and media

Benefits for Employees

  • Higher energy levels
  • Increased focus and productivity
  • Better control of one’s health at work
  • Reduced work absences
  • Reduced medical costs
  • Reduced pain and suffering
  • Higher work-life balance
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Ergonomics Program Design and Management

Scoping, implementing, staffing and managing a full ergonomics program suited to your organization needs and EHS strategy. Includes Ergo Policy and Processes, New Hire Orientation, Manager Training, Ergo Assessments, Online Ergo Resources and Software Tools, Roadshows and events, Staff Surveys, Ergonomics Product Procurement and Reporting.

Risk Assessments

A comprehensive scan of workplace to identify safety risks associated with various job activities, processes and environmental factors. Includes a customized risk management plan based on hazard identification, risk evaluation and pragmatic recommendations for risk control. Also includes worker coaching and follow up.

Personal Workstation Assessments

In-depth, one-to-one consultations to prevent or manage repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and identify factors causing inappropriate posture. Includes a scientifically designed RSI Survey, and adjusting the workstation set-up according to office ergonomics standards and each employee's body size and job demands.

Product Reviews

A thorough benchmarking exercise to ensure your product design is aligned with relevant human factors standards and best practices in biomechanics, anthropometry and industrial design. Includes detailed recommendations with engineering drawings to bridge design gaps and promote ease of use, efficiency and satisfaction.

Manual Material Handling

A systematic assessment of jobs involving heavy, high-risk or repetitive material handling. Includes strategic and tactical recommendations for minimising load, force, exposure, repetitions and injury. Also includes worker training and management sharing relating to long-term safety strategies such as elimination, substitution, engineering controls or administrative controls.

Seminars and Training

Public and in-house courses providing cutting-edge, practical knowledge relating to various topics in ergonomics. Includes capability building Workshops and Train-the-Trainer Bootcamps. Also includes Keynote Presentations at conferences and Expert Talks at events.

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Upcoming Course

Other Training Courses

  • Manual Material Handling 101
    (1 Day)
  • Understanding and Managing Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)
    (1 Day)
  • Risk Management Bootcamp
    (1 Day)
  • Train-the-Trainer
    (Office Ergonomics) (1 Day)

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Full client list available on request.

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About us.

Synergo was founded in 2008 by Yogesh Tadwalkar - the longest serving President of Ergonomics Society of Singapore and a well-known ergonomist with over 20 years global experience.

Today, Synergo provides full-service ergonomics consulting to world’s top companies including Apple, Lucasfilm Animation,, ExxonMobil, Priceline, Philips, Oil States, Merx, Adobe and others.

Across Asia Pacific, Synergo has delivered numerous projects in diverse domains including offices, factories, plants, warehouses, retail and laboratories.

Synergo team comprises of an eclectic mix of qualified ergonomists, physiotherapists, product designers, and safety professionals; with a track record of successfully managing numerous ergonomics programs and treating a wide variety of postural discomforts.

Why top companies choose Synergo

  • Pioneers and leaders in ergonomics consulting in the Asia Pacific region
  • Vast experience of running large scale ergo programs and delivering projects across diverse industries
  • Highly qualified staff with world-class technical and interpersonal skills
  • Track record of providing holistic, practical and creative solutions to complex problems
  • Commitment to deliver measureable return on investment

Our Approach

  • Study client goals and integrate ergo initiatives within the overall EHS ecosystem and local statutory regulations
  • Understand the needs of multiple stakeholders and manage trade-offs
  • Document operating procedures and define service standards
  • Transfer knowledge and empower employees
  • Focus on prevention
  • Strive to create a long-term safety culture

Contact Us.

Office Address (Singapore)

Synergo Consulting Pte Ltd
6 Raffles Quay, #16-01,
Singapore 048580

Phone hello: +65 hello816hello86hello14hello2

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